Webflow, Meet Plone: Build a Self Hosted CMS Site with Webflow and Plone Video Series (Beta)

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Do you love the beauty of designing sites with Webflow.com? Do you also crave the freedom of your own self-hosted CMS? Perhaps you're looking for a reliable way to move Webflow static sites into a self hosted CMS.

You've found the right course. We're launching this course with 7 videos that will introduce you to version 5 of the Plone CMS and show you how to integrate Webflow static sites into this dynamic CMS.

About me

I'm David and I turn Webflow.com designs into CMS driven sites. If you're like me you really enjoy using Webflow and you love the simplicity of creating a professional website with slick interactions. What you probably don't know is that . I've been doing it for a few years and whenever I show persons they are amazed. What's more amazing is that doing it with Webflow is even easier.

Let Plone make it easier for you

I keep up with the Webflow forums so I understand the pain and frustration of those who want a self-hosted CMS but have a hard time reliably moving their static Webflow designs into a dynamic CMS. That's why I've created "Webflow, Meet Plone: Build a CMS Driven Site with Webflow and Plone" a mini video series that will teach you how to easily combine the the beauty of Webflow with the speed and security of the Plone CMS.

Are you ready to add your Webflow design to a powerful self-hosted CMS? Then let's get started. 

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I decided to launch with 7 videos at a price of $25 (down from $35).

Once you purchase the series 

- you get ALL the videos that are already in the series 

- plus any new videos added to the series.

(originally I planned to release new videos weekly but I didn't stick to that promise, the rest of the information here remains including the note below)

The price goes up by $3 each time I add a new video so get on board at launch time to get the best price.

Follow me for updates: https://gumroad.com/pigeonflight 

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Webflow, Meet Plone: Build a Self Hosted CMS Site with Webflow and Plone Video Series (Beta)

0 ratings
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